You Might Have Too Much Focus and It’s A Real Problem

A good lesson from the 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Too Much Focus is a Real Problem | Magic Room Brand blog
With too much focus, there’s so much you’re going to miss. | Magic Room Brand blog
Too Much Focus is a Real Problem | Magic Room Brand blog
The best all-time sports photo ever taken? Maybe. Best basketball photo ever? Damn right.

But this blog post isn’t about Michael Jordan

Nope. It’s about five other people and I have no idea what their names are. Regular people that aren’t famous. They aren’t rich. And as far as I know, they haven’t inspired the world to do a damn thing.

Too Much Focus is a Real Problem | Magic Room Brand blog
These f***ing guys. I honestly don’t know if I’m in awe or full of rage.

The price of focus

We’ve all read and heard that you need to have focus. “Simplify and focus on this.” “Don’t get distracted and hyper-focus on that.” I get it. I really do.

Ok it’s time. Let’s dig into this.

I want…no…need to know all about these five guys. I’ve gone down the rabbit hole and yeah, the only way out is down and I want answers. I kind of feel like we all are entitled to some goddamn answers.

There is such thing as too much focus

Can you imagine being one of these guys today and meeting someone at a party? I imagine it would go like this:

What are you focusing on — your task or the big picture?

Whenever possible, be like A. He understood that what he’s doing isn’t the same as what’s happening. Do your job and do it well, but not at the cost of experiencing the bigger picture.

If you’re getting “distracted” by the larger things that truly matter, then it’s possible what you’re doing either doesn’t matter or there’s a better way to do it.

Ok, I’m off to the store to get twelve cases of toilet paper. Someone find D’s address and can I borrow your black hoodie?

Vijoy Rao || Founder // Magic Room Brand
Vijoy Rao || Founder // Magic Room Brand



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